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Grand theft auto 4 dating miss understood

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(5/23/08) Version 2.0 - Just added updates to the walkthrough. Jacob is the key - once you meet Jacob, and after he is a friend to go hang out with from time to time, be sure to get him to like you to about 80% or so (check the stats menu).(6/14/08) ***************** Table Of Contents ***************** Use Ctrl F to quick find in this guide. If you do, you will gain the option to call him up and request guns.(5/1/08) Version 0.5 - I would guesstimate I am about halfway through the main game, and as I am tackling all the side stuff as I go I think this guide is shaping up pretty well. (5/8/08) Version 1.3 - Added the start of my pigeon guide, which only works if you use the maps at my website. A Brief Foreword * ***************************************************************************** I mean, if you really want to get harsh, about the only thing this game does wrong is allow money to magically appear in your hand (though if you have a credit card that would explain that), and there is no snow. If you actually say, "I am tired of playing this game," you are a crazy.(5/16/08) Version 1.5 - Completed pigeon guide, added most of the ramps, and some small things. (5/19/08) Version 1.6 - Finished stunts, began cars. Other Stuff to Find ( SECR777 ) Stunts ( STU7700 ) Cars ( CA7700R ) Weapons & Armor ( GUN7700 ) Helicopters ( HELI770 ) Secrets ( SEC7700 ) 8. The only reason to stop playing is to eat, sleep, or carry on with your life. ***************************************************************************** * 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) * ***************************************************************************** PS3 Controls ------------ On Foot: X Button - hold to run, tap to sprint, select on the phone O Button - reload, back or hang up when on phone, punch Square - jump, kick Triangle - get in car, hold to get in as passenger in taxi, punch R1 - take or leave cover R2 - fire L1 - use stuff, pick up object L2 - lock-on, aim RStick - camera, click to reset camera LStick - move, click to crouch D-Pad - UP: cellphone, DOWN: zoom out on radar, L & R: change guns Start - pause game, go to the many screens Select - change camera views Driving: X Button - hand brake O Button - cinematic camera Square - change gun Triangle - exit car R1 - handbrake R2 - accelerate L1 - fire L2 - brake, reverse RStick - camera, click to reverse camera LStick - move, horn (click for slow motion in cinematic camera) D-Pad - UP: cellphone, DOWN: zoom out on radar, L & R: change radio station Start - pause game, go to the many screens Select - change camera views Xbox 360 Controls ----------------- *Credit: Deniz Jablonowsky, who did a better job than me on the PS3 controls. 4 apk, :, opera mini 亟仍 samsung b5722, :-PP, gta vice city na android beats for days 224 dance musik 224 folk influences 224 hype 224 i miss you.

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Alex lives in the Middle Park East neighbourhood of Algonquin, a couple blocks up from Niko's Middle Park East Safehouse.

Apparently, she has a pink limo, though it is never seen.

She refers to Niko as the "Mysterious European" on her blog but also uses Niko's name on occasion.

Alex could be considered one of the game's many "easter eggs", due to the fact that while the game promotes the use of for finding women to date, no reference is made to the fact Craplist can be used for this purpose too.