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Your man is afraid of ruining a relationship with you.

Rather than commit, he pulls away and tries to ignore this fear and in turn only ends up ignoring you. You want your relationship to be the success he seeks!

Zoosk's younger users aren't quite ready for that kind of self-inflicted pressure. "If it turns into marriage, great, but if it doesn't, it's not a failure." Zadeh and his business partner, Alex Mehr, had originally planned on building a market research company that would glean data from social networking sites.

Often they want nothing more than to widen their opportunities for casual dating, said the Iranian-born Zadeh. Before long, they had identified the need for a dating service that would resonate with the hordes of twenty- and thirty-something's who dominate these virtual communities.

Your man’s fear of commitment rests on a biological male fear of failure.

While men are naturally driven to seek out and achieve success, they are also naturally afraid of ruining this success.

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That didn't deter entrepreneur Shayan Zadeh, who sought to combine the forces of online dating and social media platforms like Facebook, when he launched Zoosk two years ago.

Are you worried that your man is afraid of commitment?

Then it’s time to seize the chance to show him that you two are perfect for each other. You know exactly what he needs and it’s time to prove that you are the right woman for him.

He wants to have a sense of purpose, of meaning, of accomplishment, and that can seem completely selfish.

But when you reframe that kind of thinking to reflect more on you and your relationship together, you can start to reverse his fear of commitment.