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On this day in 1774, Elizabeth Ann Bayley is born in New York City.
“We are lowering costs to invest those savings in our people, our business, and technology.
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In another, I listed exactly how the PUA community creates social robots and not only dehumanizes women (we eventually just become "targets" to these men and nothing else) but also dehumanizes the men themselves -- using many of Neil Strauss's own words from his book, nonetheless, to back it up. My friend was telling me a story about how yet another guy pursued her like crazy, was all into her for weeks, and then once she had sex with him, dropped off the face of the earth.
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Following the laboratory's move to its current premises, the camera was eventually switched off, at UTC on 22 August 2001.
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The standard bibliography for Rossetti's works is John Gregory's 1931 University of London Ph. thesis; the standard guide to the Pre-Raphaelite Movement is William E.